Project Integration

C-CCNE is organized around the central theme of cancer management through enhanced treatment modalities and early diagnosis. We are utilizing state-of-the-art carbon nanotube and nanoparticle technologies, developed right here at UNC-Chapel Hill, to achieve our Center goals.

C-CCNE proposes extensive outside interactions to assure that technologies move forward towards patient benefit and facilitate nano-based cancer efforts elsewhere. In this regard, we will extensively collaborate with industry and NIH/NCI resources to realize the maximum opportunity for basic and clinical progress. We already have signed agreements with both UNC based startups and major global healthcare companies to advance these discoveries for clinical development and commercialization.








Project Integration and External Interactions Map of Carolina CCNE. This diagram shows the integration among the proposed projects and cores of the C-CCNE, and relationships with external entities. The blue shaded areas represent nanoparticle-based projects and the green-shaded areas represent projects utilizing carbon nanotube field-emission X-ray sources on a continuum from basic to translational science. Shared Cores and other UNC resources are represented in the center, with the color-coded thick arrows depicting the projects that will use these resources. Designated arrows A-D show the direct sharing of resources and integration between projects. The colored shapes indicate interactions with external resources. The companies listed are startups that have licensed technologies associated with each project or are industry partners with negotiated agreements. Abbreviations: Alliance, NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer; RAID, Rapid Access to Intervention Development; CTEP, Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program; UNC OTD, UNC Office of Technology Development; CTSA, Clinical Translational Science Award to UNC; NCL, Nanotechnology Characterization Lab



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