Organizational Map

The multidisciplinary nature of Nanomedicine requires a collaborative framework and effective communication for success. To build the multidisciplinary teams necessary to meet the goals of this CCNE, leadership is provided in medicine/biological sciences as well as in the physical sciences and engineering.

Organizational Chart of Carolina CCNE: Co-PIs DeSimone and Tepper will oversee the projects, cores, administration and outreach/educational activities with guidance from external and UNC-based advisory committees. The Leadership Team of Center PIs and the Project and Core PIs working group will implement the collaborative research program with support from additional resources as indicated. Abbreviations: Alliance, NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer; OTD, UNC Office of Technology Development; NC TraCS Institute, NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute; CTSA, Clinical Translational Science Award to UNC; CHANL, Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Lab.

Our first CCNE was recognized for being well managed by the NCI leadership. Our ideal is to provide a well- defined structure for integration and organization that has the flexibility to allow for the free flow and exchange of new ideas. Therefore, we have designed three levels of review and oversight. Each of these groups is advisory to the CCNE PIs, in whom the final authority will rest for all major operational decisions. The PI Working Group will meet monthly and provide detailed feedback to the ongoing projects, identify solutions to any issues at hand, and recognize opportunities for collaborations that are essential to success of our efforts. The CCNE Steering Committee is a high level UNC-based advisory board with broad scientific and institutional expertise that can advise on how to best implement our integration into the university community, keep an appropriate scientific focus, and to resolve administrative issues. The External Advisory Board will meet annually and provide in depth external scientific peer review of our operations to help guide our strategic goals.



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