Liquidia Technologies

Liquidia Technologies was founded in 2004 to commercialize PRINT ® technology, a breakthrough discovery by Joseph DeSimone and colleagues at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University. READ MORE

 Liquidia designs, develops, and manufactures precisely engineered nanoparticles and films by utilizing PRINT® (Particle Replication In Non-wetting Templates). PRINT® is the first nanofabrication platform to allow for careful control over particle size, shape, and surface functionality, all of which may significantly influence the biodistribution, bioavailability, and therapeutic efficacy of large and small molecule drugs. By engineering rationally designed nanoparticles, Liquidia is improving the delivery of biologicals and small molecule therapeutics. Currently, Liquidia is focused on vaccine development and will start clinical trials by next year. Liquidia has raised nearly $50 million in venture financing.

Qualiber, Inc.

Qualiber, Inc. is a privately held nanomedicine company founded in April 2010 and spun-off from UNC-Chapel Hill, Eschelman School of Pharmacy. READ MORE

 Qualiber is commercializing the novel nanoparticle based drug delivery technologies developed at Prof Leaf Huang’s lab. The novel nanoparticles address the unmet needs in delivery of small molecules, siRNA and peptides across multiple therapeutic areas. Using this delivery platform, the company plans to create a sustainable product pipeline for small molecule drugs that could be improved and made safer via novel delivery formulations. Also, Qualiber plans to partner with pharma and biotechnology companies to address delivery challenges of siRNA and peptides drugs that are hard to deliver to targeted cells.

XinRay Systems

XinRay Systems is a joint venture of Siemens Medical Solutions and Xintek. READ MORE

 XinRay develops and manufactures distributed x-ray sources as well as provides the control electronics and power supplies. XinRay’s new nanotechnology-based field emission x-ray source technology has broad range of applications including diagnostic medical imaging, in vivo imaging of small animal models for preclinical cancer studies, security screening, and industrial inspection. This new technology enables the generation of digitized x-ray radiation with fine control of spatial distribution of the x-ray pixels and temporal modulation of the radiation. As a result, this technology allows development of new diagnostic imaging systems with enhanced body imaging and could increase the precision of radiation therapy so as not to damage healthy tissues.

Xintek, Inc.

Xintek Inc, is a world leader at nanotechnology-based electron field emission technology, was founded on the discoveries from research of Professor Zhou. READ MORE

 Xintek develops nanomaterial-based field emission technologies and products for a broad range of applications including diagnostic medical imaging, homeland security, and information display. Xintek’s major products include carbon nanotube (CNT)-based field emission electron source, field emission grade CNT material, field emission x-ray source and CNT AFM probes. The Company also conducts contracted R&D mainly on CNT field emission applications.

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